Panther chameleons are unlike other reptiles, so even if you have reptile experience you will still need to research and go over new information. Unfortunately, there can be a lot of wrong information found online and given at pet stores. We always suggest people start at Chameleon Academy for their research so they know they are getting some of the best info out there. We are open to answer questions anytime, but there is too much to know for us to give you one answer at a time. Bill Strand runs the website and also has an amazing YouTube channel full of great information, his channel is @chameleonacademy. Below you will find the care sheet from his website but we still suggest going to the website anyways because he goes much more in depth about each part. It’s all equally important! Click on any photo to go directly to the panther chameleon section of his website but don’t forget to browse other sections, you will find useful pieces all over the site. 


Guarantees and payments:

We have a live arrival guarantee. We also have a 5 day health guarantee. This does not cover improper care or husbandry, accidental or unkown death. We will require pictures of everything related to the care of the chameleon to determine if we are at fault. This guarantee simply covers your purchase if the chameleon came to you already with a health issue. We do not cover death due to shipping errors that were not in our control. We do purchase insurance on every shipment for these issues and will immediately file a claim to try to get your money back. For DOA, you must contact us and provide pictures within 1 hour of delivery/pick up. For the 5 day health guarantee, you must contact us right away and by the end of the 5th day. Live arrival guarantee is void if we suggest hub because of weather and you choose delivery. We prefer hub 90% of the time. Must pick up from hub within 3 hours. We are not responsible for fedex mistakes. If package is sent to wrong place or lost, we are not responsible. We try to work with everyone to make this a smooth process and most importantly, easy on the chameleons! For the health guarantee, we need at least 10 pictures (within an hour of contacting us about the death) of the husbandry, supplement schedule, feeders, etc. This must meet the minimum requirements based on the care sheet we provide. We do not send out chameleons that aren't 100% healthy so we will need to figure out what happened. If we are at fault, we will pay shipping to have the chameleon replaced. Payments can be arranged for certain babies, payments are non refundable but can be transferred. No refunds after being bought, only transfered credit. Shipping fees are refundable if the chameleon never shipped. We guarantee sex of every chameleon and if for any reason you get the wrong sex with proof we will exchange for the correct sex.

We ship on Tuesdays and Wednesday, overnight through FedEx. We prefer that you pick up at the nearest hub, must be picked up within 3 hours of arrival or the guarantee is void. If it is impossible for you to get to a hub, we can work with you on a home delivery if the weather allows but it will void live arrival guarantee. This will all be discussed before shipping, I will contact you to make arrangements.

As I update the new site, there will be more information here about places I recommend to buy feeders and products from, some information specific to female chameleons, etc. Keep checking back!